March 12, 2009

Do You Feel It?

I'm almost nervous to write this, but I have a crazy good feeling about this year - for both the NY Int'l Latino Film Festival and Cinedulce. An almost palpable, positive energy has emerged and it seems to be building... slowly, steadily. My buzzing gut tells me this may, indeed, be an interesting year for us. Unfortunately, I can't YET get into details about our goings on and recent developments, but I can say the following: people seem to get it. It's that simple. Corporate America. Distributors. Hollywood. Filmmakers. Film fans. Everyone. Everyone seems to understand what we're trying to do and, I think (I hope!) they're diggin' it.

As the NYILFF celebrates its 10th anniversary in July, Calixto and I sense an almost sudden shift in perception of us, of the event, of the power of this community we try so hard to reflect and support. And, of course, in corporate terms, Cinedulce is really still in its infancy... but, baby steps lead to walking and then running. All I care about at this point is people get it.

I feel it. Do you?


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