March 9, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Free Stuff??

Check out the photog's socks! LOL!

I had the most bizarre yet fun experience on Saturday afternoon. A good friend of mine and my stylist for the
NY Latino Film Festival, Oscar Montes de Oca, connected me to this amazing massage therapist, Robert Smalls, who is having a piece written about him in a leading NYC newspaper. Because the editorial focus is on at-home services, they needed someone to volunteer as a client so they can get shots of Robert doing his thing in a home environment. Not one to turn down a free massage, I eagerly accepted and before you know it, the photog, Robert and I are all chatting away in my apartment while I'm getting a complimentary massage. Completely surreal. Totally fun. That said, Robert's awesome and I highly recommend him! If you're interested, let me know and I'll pass along his contact info. FYI: he also works at NYC's Exhale.

On another note, I had a very encouraging call this AM with one of the lead agencies for a major wireless co. regarding a potential content partnership with Cinedulce. We've been talking with them for a while now, and this call makes me feel hopeful about the possibility of something actually happening. Insanity! Fingers crossed...!!!


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Robert Smalls said...

I love it! LOL. Now I feel like me being written about is freakin surreal! I'm glad you enjoyed the massage. It's that kind of enthusiasm that makes me absolutely love what I do! Be well