November 12, 2008

Agency Talk

What a day! Here's the highlight: I connected with a guy at an agency I had contacted a few weeks ago but he was slammed with a huge NYC event, so we agreed to reconnect post-event. As it turns out, his agency is owned by one of the MAJOR umbrella advertising conglomerates and, as a result, has strategic relationships with a number of other member agencies; I have strong relationships with some of those sister agencies and weaker ones at others. His agency is primarily, though not exclusively, an event production company so these other agencies engage him to execute their clients' events and promotions. You still with me? Okay, good. So, the point is he offered to forward along the festival's sponsorship proposal to some of those strategic partners - very cool of him (but, of course, remember the real value to him is potential new work if any clients bite). The bigger news, however, is he offered to forward the proposal to a couple of executives who sit at the very top of the umbrella corporation overseeing ALL multicultural efforts on behalf of ALL member agencies. I mean...are you kidding me?? Jackpot! So, I immediately switch gears and start talking about Cinedulce because, quite frankly, if one of our proposals is going to be put on the desk of top agency executives, it should be the one that speaks to our larger corporate strategy. So, I do my best impromptu pitch about what Cinedulce is all about and how we want to work with agencies and, shazam!, he digs it. Suddenly, we're on the same page and, together, we decide he will forward the Cinedulce proposal to the top executives and the NYILFF proposal to select agencies with potential sponsorship clients. I literally then spent the next 4 +/- hours tweaking the Cinedulce proposal - editing it down, tightening the language and driving home the key points. In the end, I think it's strong and I hope he agrees. I guess we'll find out soon enough, right? Cross your fingers for me...this could be BIG!
~ Liz

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