November 20, 2008

Total Insanity

Today is ridiculously over-scheduled so I'm literally going to be out of the office all day with meetings. Deep breath... I have part dos of my meeting with HBO b/c we didn't get to finish on Tuesday; then I have a big one with Time Warner Cable (fingers crossed!) re:a potential Cinedulce VOD partnership, followed by another big one with a Latino agency re:Cinedulce. THEN, if I have time to run to the office and catch up for a bit, I will. If not, I need to head straight to the Union Square Stadium 14 theater to check on tonight's sneak-peek screening of "Nothing Like the Holidays", which is totally booked (in fact, it's over-booked, which is a good thing b/c there's always a % drop-off rate). THEN, my friend's husband, who's an incredibly talented photographer, has some of his work featured in a gallery show that's opening tonight. I have to support mi amigo. Ay dios mio! What a day. Wish me luck!
~ Liz

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