November 21, 2008

Insane Day Recap

Moving forward, remind me not to book back-to-back-to-back meetings in any given day. Literally insanity. That said, I had GREAT meetings. Yahoo! The HBO part dos meeting was excellent. We spent most of the time talking about that event opportunity we're debating and recent updates on Cinedulce. They're just really supportive and, yesterday in particular, gave some very interesting recommendations. So, that was great. Then, Time Warner Cable was also really encouraging. They seem to get the whole Cinedulce concept. Because we are an upstart, there are some complications we'll have to work through, but they seem interested in doing so...which is ridiculous! I mean, this is Time Warner Cable we're talking about. I literally don't think they've ever dealt with a company like ours before. The programming group traditionally works with this one major aggregator or the major studios and cable networks, such as HBO and Showtime. So, for them even to meet with me much less seriously consider working with us is mind-blowing to me. After that, I met with a good friend at a top Latino agency. These guys are doing some of the best work out there for some of the biggest clients. We spent a good 2 hours discussing potential partnerships between some of their clients and both the festival and Cinedulce. All good stuff. Needless to say, I now have a bunch of recaps and, what else??, PROPOSALS to write. I'm telling you, the day I can have someone else write a proposal or two will be a satisfying one. That aside, I would never complain about proposals - especially those that result from meetings - b/c it's a good sign. So, keep the proposals rollin'...
~ Liz

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