November 4, 2008

Get Your Vote On

Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time working today b/c I'm totally preoccupied with the election. I just voted and damn do I feel patriotic. I mean, we stand at the precipice of what could be one of the most significant moments in our lifetime, if not this country's history. When you consider the potential impact of this election, it's mind blowing. The United States is a diverse, colorful quilt of cultures, colors, languages, sexual preferences, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds and political orientations. It's immense, aspirational, complex, expansive, powerful and beautiful. But, it also can be frustrating, unfair, prejudiced and imbalanced. When I consider the fact that I, a Jewish woman, have the opportunity to vote for a brilliant African-American to be president... well, let's just say, it's awesome. I mean, African-Americans couldn't vote until 1870 (and are still dealing with discrimination within the polling system), women not until 1920, and, basically, no one feels Bloomberg could ever be president because he's Jewish and the conservative, religious right would never allow it. So, there's a lot happening, right here, right now. But, the thing is, despite the sundry differences that exist 'from sea to shining sea', we hopefully all share one resounding similarity - the desire to live in a nation that not only allows, but actually celebrates individualism, uniqueness and heterogeneity. One that grants the freedom to pursue your dreams, be who you are and express yourself. As a female entrepreneur, who is the co-executive director of a film festival and president of a distribution platform for the Latino and urban communities, I feel a particular sense of pride, but also concern, for this nation's future. As I mentioned above, I believe we stand at a precipice; what we do at this historic moment is our CHOICE. So, be mindful and think carefully about your definition of democracy. What story do you want to tell the world? Use your voice and vote.
~ Liz

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