November 10, 2008

Choice of a New Generation?

You thought I was talking about Obama, didn't you?? Nope. Though, the sentiment applies, don'tcha think? In fact, I'm talking about Pepsi, the owner of that now defunct tag line and one of the film festival's 2008 sponsors. I'm hoping to bring them back in 2009 and (fingers crossed!) grow that partnership into a larger deal with the fest and/or tie-in Cinedulce. Wouldn't that be divine? My original contact recently left the company (ay dios!), so today I connected with his replacement, who actually worked on his team; so, hopefully, that will work in our favor. She seems super cool, but that doesn't mean she wants to spend her precious marketing dollars with us. Ah yes, the sponsorship sales process is so lovely. Regardless, the proposal is out the door and now we wait...

On a different, unrelated note, Lyndon, our editing/producing/directing genius, just sent us the first cut of our video recap of the 2008 film festival and damn was it good!
Calix and I will send notes for some tweaking & tightening, but it's a super first-pass and I can't wait to show you (and prospective sponsors)! For now, you'll just have to take my word for it. Ewww, such a tease... ;)
~ Liz

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