November 7, 2008

Panic button? Nah!

I can't believe how Zen Calixto and I have become. We, Bryan from Spoon + Fork, our kick-ass creative agency, and Lyndon had a meeting this afternoon to discuss video players, storage space and other back-end miscellany that may not sound all that sexy but is the technical foundation of our company. So, um, yeah, it's pretty important. Anyhoodles, we had already planned to upgrade our player and add some new, cool functionality to the site, but the process has been greatly and unexpectedly expedited because of circumstances beyond our control. Awesome! In the "PCD" era (a.k.a. pre-Cinedulce), this may have caused near-panic mode. Code Red! Eject, eject! Now? (yawn) I don't know...we've been through too much both with Cinedulce and, even more so, with the festival. I mean, you can't imagine what ridiculousness we've experienced over the years - honestly, pure insanity. It's comical, really. At this point, we both realize there really is a solution for everything. You just have to stay calm, be creative and figure it out. And, in fact, we are now well on our way to finding that solution. It's going to cost us some money we don't necessarily feel all that comfortable spending, but that's part of the gig. Sometimes, you have to take a risk, a leap of faith, and hope it all sort of works itself out in the end. On a different note, last night I had a delicious (although slightly warm, which I hate) dirty martini and that really helped relax me and put things in perspective. ;)

~ Liz

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