November 5, 2008

Holy crap! YES WE DID!

There's likely not all that much I can add to what you've already read, discussed, heard, watched and/or thought about the historic revelation that was last night's election - the results, the speeches, the widespread elation and unbridled celebration. Suffice it to say, a new era has begun. But, what I think is worth noting is the shift, the 'transformation' if you will, was not so much that Barak Obama inspired a nation (though, he certainly did that and more), but rather that the already pluralized American cultural landscape is what enabled the rise of Barak Obama: the perfect candidate with the perfect campaign at the perfect time in history. And, furthermore, the Hispanic vote, of course along with the African-American vote, was one of the key determining factors. Finally, FINALLY, the mainstream is beginning to acknowledge the power of the combined Latino and Urban communities. Maybe it's not even the mainstream that didn't recognize this; maybe it's just the conservative right Republicans (do they really think Joe the Plumber, Joe Sixpack and small-town white soccer moms are the American archetypes? What about everyone else??). Either way, the cat's out of the bag and I, for one, look forward to watching and experiencing how Barak Obama's presidency breaks wide open those barriers - race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion - and, at the very least, puts a megaphone to the dialogue. From my perspective, I hope this experience inspires more filmmakers to tell their stories about diversity, acculturation, assimilation, individuality - whatever, whatever it is they want to say, express, share. Now is the time because the nation, if not the world, is paying close attention and listening to what we all have to say. So speak up, mis amigos. This is just the beginning.
~ Liz

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