December 22, 2008

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

First off, for those of you (like I) who celebrate the Jewish holidays, Happy Hanukkah (Feliz Hanukkah?? LOL!). Second, it's a good thing I'm busy with the launch of Cinedulce 2.0, the forthcoming NYILFF call for entries (filmmakers, get ready!!) and writing the Latina Mag. agreement b/c it seems Corporate America is, understandably, sloooooowing down. During these next two weeks, I don't think all that many, if any, folks are interested in discussing July sponsorships nor Cinedulce biz dev. It's all about closing out 2008. In fact, from what I gather, most folks just took the entire two weeks off since the holidays this year fall mid-week. Okay, I'm down with that. Seasons greetings to all. But, this is where it's a bit peculiar to be your own boss in a start-up context. The thing is, I'm not taking vacation this year, which is totally fine, but it's sort of strange not to have that set vacation or a larger corporate directive dictating my holiday schedule. So, you know, when do I stop working? How do I allow myself the time off without feeling guilty (See? I told you I was Jewish! We're good with guilt.) Clearly, I'm a wee neurotic. I understand that. I embrace it. I think it takes a somewhat neurotic, Type A personality to forge your own professional path b/c it requires an extraordinary level of dedication, drive and resilience. Look at Reese Witherspoon: she's so comfortable with her Type A'ness that she named her production company, Type A Films. I think you'll agree it's worked out pretty well for Reese...The flip side is it's hard to allow yourself the break because it's not like there's some guaranteed salary paying for the days off. Plus, I'm smack in the middle of the fundraising season so I start to feel like I'm slacking or something. Of course, intellectually, I understand that's goofy b/c the people I am approaching for fundraising are all on vacation, so nothing can get done now anyway. But, emotionally, it's easy to forget that and just feel like a slacker. That said, over the years, I have improved a great deal at dealing with this issue. I recognize everyone deserves a break, time to smell the roses, so to speak, and recharge. I worked my fanny off this year and, quite frankly, I've earned at least a couple of days off. I mean, hey, I went to a late AM yoga class today... that's good, right?! ;) I'm going to have to think of some fun things to do during my precious time off. Maybe I'll go ice skating? And take a day ski trip with my bro? Go see the Gilbert and George exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum with Jamie? See some live music? Do lots of yoga? Catch up on some movies? Check out the pretty department store holiday windows? Sleep? Yeah, I could get used to this...
~ Liz

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