December 17, 2008

Help is on the way!

I just returned from meeting with this great woman, Allison, a Texas transport, who's one of those people who's clearly a mover and shaker. You know when you meet someone like that? She just oozes that get-shit-done kind of quality I love. Affable. High energy. Lots of contacts. Good charisma. Gets it. As luck would have it - that's exactly what I need...someone who gets it. Trust me, it's harder to find than you think. So, this afternoon, I'll send her various proposals for the NY Int'l Latino Film Festival and Cinedulce so she can brainstorm a bit about who she knows and the various ways she can contribute. First and foremost, I could use some sponsorship support for the festival. Second, I'd like to see how she can help with Cinedulce partnerships - strategic, sponsor or otherwise. After all of these years, I recognize I now cast a very wide net, but there are always more contacts, more companies and many more potential relationships that exist outside of my database and sphere of influence. New introductions and open doors, directly or indirectly, frequently lead to interesting, unexpected opportunities. Any successful entrepreneur will tell you a key to his/her success is the ability to remain open and receptive to new ideas and approaches, and the willingness to adapt and evolve the original vision to changing cues in the marketplace and specific opportunities that arise along the way. Eventually, the venture takes on a life of its own; either you maintain flexibility and bend as needed, or remain stiff and break. So, let's see where Allison's new doors lead...
~ Liz


Chez said...

"Surround yourself with amazing people, and you won't look to shabby yourself." -b.

Cinedulce said...

Of ALL people, you should know I only work with the best... ;)