December 19, 2008

Time to Unplug and Recharge

Just when I think things are slowing down for the holidays, I find myself totally swamped with work on the Friday before Christmas week. What's up with that? Perhaps, just perhaps, it has something to do with the fact I spent 2+ hours yesterday afternoon and another 1.5 hours today on the phone with RIM and AT&T figuring out why my Crackberry spontaneously stopped receiving both emails (data/RIM) and text (telephony/AT&T) messages. You've got to be kidding me! To the hate list it went. The good news is I stayed super calm, which is un milagro b/c these things tend to drive me bananas. If this happened during fest prep, like say June, it would've taken all of my energy to prevent a full-on coronary. Who has the time or patience to sit on the phone for almost 4 hours to get a PDA working - a PDA, which, I might add, was working perfectly fine just 36 hours ago?? On top of that, I had to go into our email server and delete 6,200 emails because that overwhelms the device - too many for it to scan. Yep, that's what I did last night while watching Ace of Cakes (don't even try to pretend you don't love that show and Duff's not the man because you totally do and he totally is) - delete by hand 6,200 emails because our server apparently has no Delete All function. Awesome. To top it off, this whole fiasco forced me to miss my friends' script reading. So, Gary & Juan: I'M SO SORRY! But, now you know what I was doing instead of watching your actors read what I'm certain is your awesome film to-be. Now that my Curve is back in business, it's back on my love list. This whole process, however, made me realize how completely and utterly absurd we all are. I am so addicted to immediate communication that I bring my Blackberry to pick up my dry cleaning, which is literally around the corner from my apartment. Hey, you never know what random, trivial messages may require immediate, urgent attention! What that's you say?? Andy Samberg's hilarious new SNL video ("Jizz in MY Pants") is now on YouTube? I must check that out RIGHT NOW because, you know, it was emailed to me so it MUST be vital. Ridonculous. My recommendation during this holiday season is this: try to unplug your devices and, instead, recharge your own battery.
~ Liz

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