December 4, 2008


Our Entrepreneur Magazine piece came out in this month's (December) issue and it's awesome! Holy smokes, the journalist, David Worrell, did us a HUGE solid. I mean, it's really super. I don't so much love the picture, but that's my fault. Live and learn...and use your stylist for everything. ;) What's most important, however, is the text and it's honestly really fantastic: Cinedulce's first real media coverage! We got ink: woo-hoo! I totally have to thank one of our publicists, Gabrielle Bernstein, for hooking us up with David and making this happen. Hopefully, it will lead to some interesting connections. If not, at least we can now say we were in Entrepreneur Magazine. That's pretty cool, right?

On a different tip, last night's tree lighting event at NBC was super lovely. We ended up chatting up the general manager of New York's Telemundo (Channel 47) and tossed around some ideas about how we can activate a bit more at the 2009 NYILFF. Plus, I told him about some recent media meetings I've had that indirectly relate to him and he liked the direction we're going. So, that's cool. We shall see where that takes us...

And, even more random - tonight, I'm going to see Billy Elliot on B'way. It's supposed to be awesome, so I'm psyched. Plus, what a great example of an entertainment property that successfully migrated from one medium (film: 2000) to another (novel: 2001) to yet another (theater: 2005, West End; 2008, B'way). More interestingly, Stephen Daldry directed both the film and musical. Now, THAT's impressive. In case you don't know Stephen's work, he also directed "The Hours" and "The Reader", and is in production on the screen adaptation of one of my favorite books of all time, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Awesome.

~ Liz

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