December 15, 2008

Operations...oh joy

Sometimes being your own boss is a pain in the rear. Generally speaking, it's any time you have to deal with operations, which, quite frankly, is pretty often. This would be one of those times. I'm evaluating my health insurance situation to decide if I want to change to a different plan. I only have about a week window to make the decision so I'm sitting here comparing/contrasting the options. It's annoying, but, in this economy (much less any economy), if I can save a few bucks on insurance and still feel confident with my coverage - I gotta do it. In fact, I'd be a bit of a bonehead not to evaluate the options. So, uh yeah, that's exciting stuff.

On a more interesting tip, I just completed the text for the Cinedulce newsletter we're sending out later this week. If I told you what I wrote, that would kind of kill the surprise, don't ya think? Suffice it to say, I'm super psyched about this week's announcements/releases. Plus, the following newsletters have equally cool updates. So, get excited!

~ Liz

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Chez said...

Do you work with Gerard? he's been really helpful.