December 12, 2008

Ode to Heineken

Oh, Heineken, Heineken,
how irresistible I find you.
Delivering that familiar
Most tasty, chilled brew.

Your shiny green packaging
with star in red,
if poured on an angle
produces no head.

To White Plains I went with hopes of a yes,
That your plans include us
The NY Latino Film Fest
The fest that's the best!

A video or two,
An '08 recap to review,
I presented my materials
of what we plan to do.

We chatted, we joked,
We had a good time.
But, most importantly, we talked,
If the sponsorship is mine.

No hemming, no hawing,
you asked where to sign.
Yes, Liz, we're back
we want in for '09!

I giggled, we hugged,
I couldn't believe it.
Heiny's in, the 4th year...
Oh my God, Holy S**t!

So, Latino film fans get excited

For DR Night next year,
'cause Heineken has returned
As the NYILFF's official beer!

Thank you P & A! Happy Holidays and New Year!

~ Liz

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