December 11, 2008


December is always a wacky month for me. The thing is, since September (yes, just 1 month after the '08 NY Int'l Latino Film Fest), I've been talking to tons of potential new sponsors and following up with '08 partners about returning in '09. Sponsorship is sort of an ongoing process. It's hard to explain, but if you're an annual event, it's just a constant process of making new contacts, expanding your reach and pitching opportunities. In December, however, things tend to slow down a bit because companies are focusing on finalizing '09 budgets and plans, overseeing holiday promotions and closing out the current year. So, I find if a decision isn't made by early-mid December, it likely won't be made until after the new year. That's all fine and well except that means I head into January with an opaque view of the year ahead and that gives me the itchy-scratchies. It's bizarre because I've been doing this for so long, you'd think I'd be used to it by now... every year, same story. And, to some extent, I am. I mean, I'm always able to find the zen in this process and remain positive and strong. But, this year is more challenging because it's unclear how the economy is going to affect us. I've already heard from a few companies their budgets are WAY down, but, that's to be expected. I don't need every company on the planet to partner with us...though, that'd be kinda cool, wouldn't it?? So much for category exclusivity.;) I just need a handful of great ones and some lower-tier 'fillers', like we've had for the past several years. This is also why I'm super-psyched Nancy is putting together an updated budget, cash flow, balance sheet, etc. so we keep a critical, pragmatic eye on finances and what is and is not viable in '09. And, that's just the festival. With Cinedulce, I'm hoping distributors (e.g., Time Warner Cable, Comcast, telecom, etc.) will still actively seek new programming to fill the pipeline, and, on the flip side, advertisers still spend on non-traditional marketing. Only time will tell...
Speaking of great partners, I have a meeting tomorrow AM with my friends at Heineken. Fingers crossed!
~ Liz

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