October 23, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

This afternoon, I had a really great lunch with a friend at AOL Latino to discuss 2010 partnership opportunities and business, in general. SUCH an interesting conversation. He's a relatively new connection so I'm pretty excited we're becoming friends - really good, cool, smart guy.

With all of the shifts going on in the media community, it really is very interesting to see how each company is (re)positioning itself for survival, if not growth. It's such a tough market for everyone (obviously). It seems the key is certainly cost cutting, but also trying to stay nimble and continually evaluate and refine your strategy. Hopefully, you hit a stride that carries you through this challenging time.

All I can say is I've spent quite a bit of time considering what moves we should make to try to ensure the long-term life of our companies. As a result, like many small business owners, I am making some fairly big, and in some cases, difficult decisions. Hopefully, those decisions will pay off. Only time will tell...

On a separate note, I'm seeing "Whip It" tonight. Who can resist the cuteness of Drew Barrymore & Ellen Page? Not I, said the fly.


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