October 20, 2009

Long Day

Busy day today. I am waiting to receive a call from a gentleman I've never met but to whom I was (digitally) introduced by a mutual friend in the business. This guy helped launch the Latin division of a major talent agency, so I'm sure we'll have a bunch to discuss. Should be interesting.

Then, in the early evening, I'm going to a private screening of HBO's "Celebrity Habla", where I plan to catch up with some friends at HBO and Time Warner. Immediately following that, I'm going to dinner with a good friend, who runs the multicultural practice at a major promo/event/talent agency. We have a TON to discuss and it's been nearly impossible for us to coordinate schedules, so I'm really looking forward finally to getting together. Plus, he's a great friend, so, on a personal level, it's just nice to reconnect. Like I said - busy day...


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