October 29, 2009

Turn It up, Yanks!

I realize I'm supposed to be talking about film and the struggles/joys of being a media entrepreneur, but I can't resist talking about the Yankees.

In full disclose, I'm a Mets fan. Yeah you heard me... METS! In the spirit of NYC loyalty, however, I've been 100% behind the Yanks during this very exciting post season. But, last night... oh, last night. Ouch. It was downright sad. That Cliff Lee sure knows how to throw a ball. And, yet, I am keeping the faith. Come on, fellas - show those Phillies what you got!

On the work tip, this AM I received an exciting return call from an old friend in telecom who thinks we (finally!) may be able to work together. He's the Hispanic Marketing Manager at a major wireless company. This would be AWESOME because we've been talking for a few years now and, for one reason or another, it's never come to fruition. It's a great brand and perfect for our fest's tech savvy, bicultural Latino audience. Fingers crossed!


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