October 22, 2009

Getting Creative for 2010

I just confirmed with a new friend/biz associate, "D", that we plan to work with his agency for the 2010 NYILFF creative campaign. Last week, I sat down with D, the executive creative director of a major multicultural agency, and the agency's president to share a bite and discuss how we can work together. One week later, we are putting together the details of a great promotional program. Because this partnership will focus on the campaign's concept, development and execution, we will still engage our other creative agencies for the web site and print materials. After last year's campaign, which featured actual festival participants (staff, filmmakers, volunteers, fans, etc.) sharing their favorite festival stories, I think this is a logical, exciting next step in our desire to connect with the community and showcase real, diverse talent and voices.

Details to come...!



Robert Trujillo said...

Cool! Any advice for a freelance illustrator on how to approach film fest's or film makers about doing art for their projects? Whats the multi-cultural agency youre referring to? Just curious...Keep up the good work.

Cinedulce said...

Hi Robert.
I can't say the agency quite yet b/c we haven't officially announced it, but I'll blog as soon as legally I am able. Re:filmmakers, I think a lot of that can be done through networking - attend fest and try to meet as many filmmakers as possible. These things usually happen via word of mouth.
Thanks for the note, Rob!