October 8, 2009

Sponsorship Help... Finally!

I finally secured two sponsor consultants for the 2010 NYILFF... yay! In the past, I've tried to get support, but, quite frankly, each time I've been disappointed. Sponsorship is a harder gig than most folks recognize and a lot of it comes down to plain old experience and relationships. I've made the mistake of working with folks who either have never worked in the multicultural marketplace so they don't have a relevant database to support the sales efforts, are too green to work on this level, or misrepresent themselves and overestimate their reach. Frustrating.

This go-round, I approached it a bit differently. Rather than ask friends and keep the search fairly tight, I went out to LinkedIn and Craig's List. I heart the Internet because I received a flood of emails from folks representing a broad range of skill sets and professional backgrounds... interesting process. Needless to say, I really liked two of the guys; we agreed on terms and, now, off to the races we go! Plus, I'm getting some smaller scale, ancillary support from our publicity firm. Fortunately, I have a bunch of deals in place already, but we definitely need more. Let's see how having what I believe to be a very strong, competent and experienced team helps the process. I have high hopes!


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