October 1, 2009

So Fresh & So Clean

Last night, I saw my dear friend, Joe "Pocho Joe" Hernandez-Kolski, in his 2-man show, "So Fresh and So Clean" at Ars Nova theater. His co-star and co-writer is Joshua Silverstein. Honestly, it was ridiculously awesome. We've been friends for many years, but, because he lives in LA, I've never seen him perform. I was absolutely blown away.

In their words...
Straight from LA, two-time HBO Def Poet Joe Hernandez-Kolski and internationally-known beatboxer Joshua Silverstein combine comedy, poetry and beatboxing in this hilarious hip-hop theater piece that grapples with love, sex, ethnicity and politics. Chock full of outrageous (im)mature subject matter, this duo might not always be clean, but they’re unarguably fresh.
3min Demo Reel:

So, if you're in L.A., PLEASE check out Joe and Josh. Trust me, you'll thank me. Also, they're working on their follow-up show, which promises to be even better than the original. Stay tuned, folks because these guys are on fire...


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