October 26, 2009

Expanding The Toolbox

We're putting together an invite-only screening with the folks at Credit Suisse, which I think is going to be fantastic. I spent most of today working on the logistics, including securing the moderator and panelists and doing a walk-through of the venue. PLUS, if this goes well, they want to make it an annual event and maybe even sponsor other screenings with us. Yay!

Side note: on Friday night, I saw "Whip It" (dir. Drew Barrymore, starring Ellen Page). Super-duper cute. That DB is one impressive talent. She just keeps expanding her tool box and evolving her skill set; she's now a triple threat: actress, producer and director. Honestly, she's a bit of a role model in terms of how to keep growing as an artist and businesswoman, and build a multifaceted career with longevity.


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