March 24, 2010

Back on Online! Paciencia.

Okay, I'm back in biz. Time Warner Cable rewired my Internet and phone so I'm back up and running. Phew! That was annoying!

Tonight, I'm going to the Opening Night of the Lincoln Center Film Society's New Directors, New Films series at the Museum of Modern Art, courtesy of my dear friend, Benjamin at American Airlines, the official NYILFF airline partner. Yay! The feature presentation is a doc called "Bill Cunningham New York". Should be a fun time. I'm taking Sonia as my 'date' so she can meet Benjamin. No doubt, they'll totally get along famously.

On the frustrating news tip, yesterday, I lost a confirmed sponsor. Argh! Apparently, 2009 revenues were down and, in turn, they cut all 2010 sponsorship. I totally get it, but it's still a huge bummer and just adds more pressure to an already stressful situation. Who needs it, right?!

However, as I always say, you have to take the good with the bad, yin with the yang. Patience and persistence are key. Case in point, I received two very good calls today (one follow up and one new) and had a very encouraging follow-up convo with a potential telecom partner, with whom I've been speaking for YEARS. Fingers crossed!!!


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