March 17, 2010

More Media. Clean Books!

Yesterday, Sonia and I met with our good friend, Susan, at 103.5 KTU, the NYILFF's English-language radio station. I've never met with her so early in the year, but I really want to knock out all key partnerships as soon as possible. She's so awesome - just love working with her. Plus, she brought in the head of sales to talk to us about potential advertiser upsell and tie-in opportunities. Turns out they may have some real leads. Granted, I've heard this story too many times to tell, but they're super gung-ho and want to make it happen. In my eyes, even one small KTU-generated deal would be a home run. So, I'll maintain low expectations and see what happens.

Today, I had a good meeting with our new bookkeeper, Avalon, who's helping me clean up and better organize our 'books'. The thought of it makes me downright giddy. Who knew I'd be so excited about organized accounting? My, my how being a small biz owner changes your perspective on fun. ;)

Oh, and my dear friend Benjamin at American Airlines (NYILFF's official airline!) invited me to next week's opening night of the Film Society of Lincoln Center's New Directors, New Films series. The film is a documentary, titled "Bill Cunningham New York" (dir. Richard Press) about the famed New York Times photographer. So fun! Thank you, B!!


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