March 29, 2010

Catching Up, Part II

Lots to discuss.

First off, thanks SO much again to Benjamin at American Airlines for inviting Sonia and me last week to the opening night of New Directors, New Films at the MoMA. The feature presentation, "Bill Cunningham New York", about the famed NY Times fashion photographer was amazing! If you get the opportunity to see it, GO! The doc is a loving, captivating tribute to a New York artistic 'institution', who is a true artist with an irrepressible, almost childlike fascination with and love for fashion; fashion is his passion, his muse and his lover. You could view his life as somewhat tragic because he ardently pursues his obsession at the sacrifice of a personal life, and yet he seems blissful, giddy and ultimately content. Who are we to judge the decisions of others?

On Friday, I had a great lunch with my friend at a major financial institution. I've partnered with him once before and am hoping we can continue, if not grow, the association. He seems confident we can get something done. Details TBD. Fingers crossed!

I've been making tons of calls and sending tons of emails re:NYILFF sponsorship and product placement/partnership for "Elliot Loves". Getting closer with a bunch of potential partners but no news to deliver... yet!

On a personal note, my grandfather just celebrated his 100th birthday. Can you believe?! He was born in 1910. Just think what he's seen in his lifetime, including 2 World Wars, movies, television, computers, the Internet, microwaves, major medical, transportation and technological advances, flappers, hippies, punks, grunge, hip-hop, globalism, environmentalism, the multiculturalization (is that even a word??) of America, etc. It's truly awesome. Happy Birthday, Grandpa!


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