March 5, 2010

OSCARS!! (And, Other Stuff)

The seemingly endless film awards season is about to come to a glittery, faaabulous close with tomorrow night's Oscars telecast (8pm EST, ABC). I don't want to reveal my picks because, of course, I'm in an Oscars pool and I stand to win some ridiculously small amount of money. But, still, I could win!

To host your own pool or just have solo fun, print the official 2010 Oscars ballot and play along!

Download the ballot HERE!

Yesterday, I spoke to Rema, the woman I hope is coming on board as the NYILFF's new venue director. For the past few years, she's worked with us as a venue manager and is kick-ass. I love our longstanding venue director, Nancy, but she's not available this year. Boo! Although I adore Nancy, I would be totally relieved and psyched to have Rema take over her post. In fact, Rema was Nancy's genius idea! I absolutely LOVE how this new team is coming together.

Also yesterday, I scored a meeting for next Thursday, 03/11, with a major agency. They're inviting all of their execs so I'll be hitting reps for multiple key brands simultaneously. I love me some efficiency! Hopefully, the mtg will go well and at least one account exec will see an opportunity for his/her client. Just one would be a home run.

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