March 3, 2010

Elliot Loves...ME!

I am SO super proud and honored to say I have been named associate producer on the film, "Elliot Loves". Thank you Gary and Juan! I thought it was my first IMDB credit, but it turns out I have minor credits on "Frogs for Snakes" and "The Minus Man", films my old company, Shooting Gallery, released. For my old SG friends... how hilarious is that?!

This PM, Sonia (NYILFF's Manager, Partner Client Services) and I had a GREAT meeting with the head of the multicultural division of a huge agency on behalf of their equally huge beauty client. As Scooby Doo's Shaggy would say, "Zoinks!" I can't believe how much I liked this agency woman. She's one of the cooler, smarter ladies I've met in a long while and, quite frankly, pretty atypical for that corporate agency world. I dig her. More importantly, she seems to dig Sonia and me and the festival. Let's see if this mutual digging leads to a 'beautiful' partnership.

Leading up to the meeting, however, was a virtual comedy of errors, peaking with the generally rude and largely incompetent FedEx/Kinko's staff at 6th Ave/24th Street. You just have to laugh.


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