March 13, 2010


Thursday was insane and my Internet was out all of Friday. Ayyy! But, I'm back with updates.

Yesterday, Sonia and I had a great meeting with a potential replacement media partner (obviously, I can't say whom until the deal is done). They totally get it and already have some interested advertisers that may have cash for us (i.e., upsell the ad buy with a promo tie-in). Of course, I've heard this story before too many times to count, but these guys really seem excited to make it happen. Let's stay positive and see what they can do.

I also scheduled a meeting with NYWIFT (NY Women in Film and Television) about some tie-in ideas. I'm excited about that one because I have 3 potential sponsors interested in targeting Latinas. We shall see...

Last night, I went to a preview of the new Broadway play, "Looped", starring Valerie Harper based on a real, somewhat insane looping session with Tallulah Bankhead (looping is when an actor goes into the studio to re-record lines that didn't record clearly during the shoot). It was great... really funny, but also very touching. Kat (my friend who got the tickets) and I got lost in the characters and their stories and ultimately forgot it was Valerie Harper on the stage (it helped she was wearing a TON of makeup and perfected Tallulah's uniquely affected voice). Regardless, I definitely recommend it. Plus, we went to some random restaurant bar around the corner and met a huge DJ. So fun!

Who's going to Lyndon's bday tonight at the Essex Restaurant on the LES? Rain can't stop me from helping Lyndon celebrate the big 2-9! Happy bday, amigo!


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