January 15, 2009


Happiness seems to be a big topic of discussion, as of late. Obviously, the less-than-stellar state of this nation, much less planet, has placed a big, fat, dark cloud overhead. On The Today Show this AM, a couple of women were talking about how to be happy. They essentially espoused the familiar philosophy of focusing on the journey, not the destination. Stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy the little things in life because, in essence, that is life. More specifically, that's living. Yes, it's trite; but, it also happens to be true.

Here's what I decided: entrepreneurs are inherently happy people. Stay with me... if you can define happiness as enjoying life's little victories, then entrepreneurs have to be happy people because the entire process is based on those little victories. Half of the excitement and adrenaline of working outside of the 'establishment' is seeing results, proving you can do it on your own; even the littlest fruits of your labor are pure joy and gratification. I literally can't even tell you the ecstasy I experienced when I landed Miramax as my first client for Garnish, my boutique promotions agency that ultimately led to the NY Int'l Latino Film Festival and Cinedulce. I totally remember telling my brother the story from my parked rental car in L.A. - total insanity. I feel that same joy every time I close a partnership for the NYILFF and Cinedulce. Each and every one is valuable and pushes us one step closer to our vision. And, for the record, I still always call my family to tell them the news. I believe you definitely need to have in mind a clear vision of your destination
(aka 'exit strategy'), but you really can't focus too much on it. If nothing else, it's way too scary. It's like asking someone who's never been swimming to try scuba diving... ain't gonna happen. Instead, hold that vision, that big-picture dream, close to your heart and head, but focus your day-to-day efforts on the baby steps that can, hopefully, lead to giant leaps. You may never reach that original goal. You may end up in a totally different place than you imagined, but that's okay. In fact, it may be great because you may be in a better place. You just never know what lies just around the corner. The new dawn brings new opportunities and new experiences. You always have reasons to be happy. Stay focused on what you have, not what you don't, and you'll find that positivity will attract more positivity, more good things, more happiness.

Plus, I've found in business (and life), one destination is often just the beginning of another journey. So, really, there's only one finale and I'm sure you agree that's a bit late to start enjoying life and being happy. So, in the infinite words of Bobby McFerrin, "Don't worry. Be happy."


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