January 6, 2009


Okay, so yesterday's interview was actually really fun. Who the hell knows how we look or what we said, but it turned out to be a fun discussion about what it means to be a dreamer, the value of providing our youth arts education and access (particularly underprivileged, Urban youth who are largely deprived of creative resources) and how the partnership between Calixto and me came about. The interviewer was Luis Salgado, founder of R.Evolution Latina, "a collective of artists and activists committed to empowering the artistic community in order to inspire growth within the Latino community through collaboration, productions and educational support programs". Among other things, Luis is the Latin Assistant Choreographer and in the ensemble ("Jose") of 2008 Tony 'Best Musical' winner, "In the Heights". He's super groovy and totally committed to his mission - a real inspiration. We're discussing some ways in which we can team up, including the possibility of a free, youth dance showcase at the '09 NYILFF. But, again, we just started discussions, so we're still working on the concept and opportunities. You can read more about the org. @ www.revolucionlatina.org.

Speaking of interviews, I just met with a great college student looking to intern with us this summer. Coincidentally, this AM, I chatted with another college student (from FLORIDA!) who's seeking a summer internship. Both called us re:Cinedulce, not the festival, which is VERY interesting. Of course, they'll work on both Cinedulce and the NYILFF b/c summertime is festival time, folks -- you know that! But, still, it's surprising and somewhat exciting. Slowly but surely, word seeps out...

~ Liz

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