January 28, 2009

HBO: It's Not TV, It's (Our) Family

We had a meeting with our friends over at HBO today. I love them. They're just so great. Anyway, we discussed for a while how we can celebrate our 10th anniversary in a meaningful way without significantly adding to our budget because, as you can imagine, this is not the year to be augmenting the budget. In fact, we, like everyone, are looking for ways to cut the budget. That aside, we discussed some fun ideas that primarily revolve around talent and PR. We'll have to see how that goes but it's good to get the conversation started. AND, very soon we're going to announce the HBO/NYILFF Short Film Contest call for entries, so get ready! We all totally love that program. Thus far, the resulting shorts have been fantastic. In fact, you can check some of them out on Cinedulce.com right now! See below...

Hispaniola (very touching)

Betty La Flaca (my dad's personal fave)

Viernes Girl (hilarious!)


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