January 26, 2009

Sick? Who Has the Time??

Here's the thing about owning your own small company, there's no one else to do your work. It's sounds obvious, but you don't realize the burden until you have it. To a certain extent, it's like being an only parent. I say this because I have the flu. In fact, I've had it since Friday. It's not been a pleasant few days, I must say, but this, too, shall pass. Even now, I'm thoroughly exhausted and, although certainly feeling better than the weekend, am still battling this persistent little bugger of a virus. That aside, because my Friday was totally shot and I was in D.C. on Tuesday and part of Wednesday, I started to get nervous yesterday (Sunday!) because I have so much pressure to raise sponsorship for the NY Latino Film Festival and Cinedulce. Time is of the essence in this business. You realize, of course, I've been working on sponsorship since September '08. But, no matter. In this economy, it can feel like you've done nothing, or, at the least, not enough. It's fairly stressful. So, yesterday, on my couch and in my pajamas, I busted out two customized proposals for agencies who contacted me with potential client interest. Neither of these potential partners has a huge budget, but that's somewhat irrelevant. Every partner contributes to the fundraising goal and, in its own way, to overall the event experience. This is why you build customized, tiered partnerships and benefits packages... so you can be flexible and accommodate partners of varying sizes.

Side note: did you watch the SAG awards last night? I thought there were some surprises in there, including Meryl Streep's win for Best Actress. It's not that Meryl isn't a genius (hello!)... I just didn't think she was going to win. It was also interesting Sean Penn beat out Mickey Rourke. This should make for an interesting Oscars. Ironically, this afternoon I was supposed to have a meeting with the SAG diversity folks, but I postponed it for obvious reasons... just sort of funny. Alas, we have rescheduled for next Tuesday.


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