January 8, 2009

Let the awards season begin!

Holy guacamole - yesterday was some kinda day. Muy ocupado! I think I was on the phone for 3 hours preceded by a 2.5 hour meeting with Calixto and Lyndon. And, that's just half of the day! But, ooohhh... we have some very fun stuff planned. I can't wait to show it to you! Alas, tenga paciencia...

On the industry tip, in case you live under a very large, very heavy rock (or, don't give a s**t, which I certainly understand), the 66th Annual Golden Globes are this Sunday, 09/11. The Globes traditionally mark the beginning of a very long, very drawn-out awards season which culminates with the graddaddy of them all, the Oscars. It's basically one extremely long parade of teary acceptance speeches, camera flashes, high couture and higher heels, extreme dieting, botox, borrowed bling and air kisses. Considering the less than stellar state of the Union, it'll be interesting to see if: 1. anyone takes advantage of the airtime to comment on the changing of the presidential guard; and, 2. folks are a bit more understated and respectful of the fact we're in a recession, bordering on depression. It's fairly tacky to sport a 20-carat diamond pendant when the national unemployment rate, from 'main street' to Wall Street', is through the roof (come on, you know I just wanted to say main street to Wall Street). It just seems this maybe isn't the ideal time to flaunt excessive wealth and materialism. On the other hand, Hollywood, to some extent, may actually provide some level of relief and comfort from the constant barrage of depressing news about Iraq, the Middle East and the economy. Watching celebs is like watching the entertainment that makes them so astronomically wealthy: it's total escapism and fantasy. It's not even aspirational because I'm not sure most of America really thinks it (like Beyonce) will rake in $80+ million in any given year, much less a lifetime. This is why box office tends to boom while the economy busts - people just need a mental and emotional distraction, if even for just 2 short hours. So, all of that said, maybe what America really craves is an indulgent night to watch egregious fabulosity?

One last not-so-little afterthought... from a Latino standpoint, there's very little representation: Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and America Ferrera seem to be it (plus, Javier and Penelope are in the same film, Woody Allen's awesome "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"). Quite frankly, the Asian and African-American community don't fare much better. The good news, however, is two of the very best films of the year are "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and "Slumdog Millionaire" - Spanish & Indian. That's a good sign, right? Hollywood - get with the program, numskulls!

~ Liz

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