January 5, 2009

Now, I'm REALLY back.

Happy New Year!!
I swear, this time I'm back for good... or, at least, until the next long break. :) Anyway, I hope you had a great holiday, feel refreshed and are ready get back to chasing your dreams.
I know I am...

This afternoon, Calix and I have a little web interview. I'm not really sure what the deal is, so I guess I'll give you the skinny tomorrow. But, I'm glad it's scheduled for today b/c the first few days back after the long holiday break are usually a bit strange. That is, folks are busy reconnecting with co-workers (gotta love the water cooler chats) and getting back in the groove... catching up on email and snail mail, returning calls, attending internal planning meetings, etc. I think it takes a couple of days for everyone to get back in the swing of things -- organizationally and mentally. Anyhoodles, the point is this is a good use of part of our day. Plus, tonight, I'm going to a Spanish-language meet-up group in a local bar. If I'm EVER going to be fluent, necesito practicar, practicar, practicar...

The truth is I thought I wasn't going to feel ready to hop back on the wagon; 2008 was a unique year, both thrilling and exhausting, full of great growth and some frustrating setbacks (thank you, Mr. Bush and the economic meltdown): typical entrepreneurial roller coaster. But, I actually feel totally ready to hit the ground running. This just isn't the time to sit back and chill. The frightening economy makes it even more imperative we're out there, aggressively pursuing sponsors and partners because, generally speaking, there is even less money to go around. Does it freak me out? Oh sure. Yep, uh huh. Indeed. The plus side, however, is I've recently read a bunch of articles about how multicultural budgets are rising, as are the budgets for grassroots/event marketing (marketers are trying harder to target their consumer in more direct, personal channels - aka "relationship marketing"). Plus, as I've discussed in previous musings, film is always strong during hard economic times (cheap escapism). Sooooo... let's see how accurate these trends are and how that works out for the NY Int'l Latino Film Festival and Cinedulce.

Enjoy the first full week of 2009 and don't forget to check out the brand, spankin' new Cinedulce.com. Hotness.

~ Liz

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