January 30, 2009

Big vs. Small Picture

I had breakfast with my dad this AM because my brother just had knee surgery in a hospital not too far from my apt. (awwww...feel better Dave!). We started chatting about the challenges of accomplishing the nitty-gritty, day2day details of running a small business, while also finding the time to strategize and plan, which is crucial for growth. The balance is interesting. For example, yesterday, while trying to sell in a host of sponsorships and partnership opportunities for both the NY Latino Film Festival and Cinedulce, I had to write a creative brief for HBO, edit a timeline, write recaps of both our HBO and weekly Cinedulce meetings, update our credit card account, go to the post office to mail in our state tax filing fees and take care of weekly bills. Oh, and did I mention we had a 2-hour weekly meeting in the middle of all of that? Riiiiight... That's just a load of s**t to do while also trying to move the entire organization to the next level. Thank God for yoga. ;)

The Victor Cruz Show: Artist of New York
Victor's one of the funniest people I know. And, I'm psyched he's been landing a bunch of commercials, including a series of Lottery ads and now Staples. Great guy. Super talented dude. Gonna be a big success.


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