January 29, 2009

Rollin' along...

How annoying are taxes? The understatement of the year, I imagine... Anyway, I have to head over to the post office in a few minutes to mail out NY State filing fees for both Cinedulce and the NY Latino Film Fest. I just needed to whine for a second, but I'm over it now. Moving on...

Okay, so we currently have A TON going on. Between the two companies, there is soooo much planning going on, it's insanity. And yet, it seems (for now) we're a well-oiled machine. It's crazy. Calix, Lyndon and I are completely on the same page, which is awesome. We just finished our weekly Thursday meeting (which you knew already, didn't you?? So clever.). We're planning on introducing a new! Cinedulce channel in a few weeks. Oh my, it's fun. In fact, I feel confident saying it's just as cool as URdulce, and that's some seriously groovy stuff. Plus, of course, we have new content uploads every Tuesday so we're all set for this upcoming Tuesday, 02/03 (side note: can you believe it's almost February already? WTF??). On the back-end, we're about to build a CMS platform so we have more direct control over the site updates. We designed the site knowing we would eventually put CMS in place; we just needed to do it in stages. So, that will be a big help to us and relief to Spoon+Fork. Finally, we think we know how we're going to promote Cinedulce at this year's NY Latino Film Fest and, trust me, it's fantabulous. Sweet.

For the NY Latino Film Fest, we have an awesome promotion we're going to introduce in the very short term. We're SOOOO excited about it. If all goes as planned, it should be a blast for you and a fitting, fun way to celebrate our 10th anniversary. So, keep your eyes and ears open for our announcement. But, of course, I'll write it here, too, so don't you worry...

Windows Over Harlem, a hot music video by the great Amanda Diva, directed by the man and our boy, Lyn-don-McCray. LOVE the song. LOVE the video.



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