January 19, 2009

NY2DC: Going Down to Witness 'The Rising'

Talk about groovy technology... I'm literally sitting on the bus on the way down to D.C. and there's free Internet access. Now, that's cool. Oh, and the driver just broke out the movie, "Hancock". This bus is better than most planes!

Regardless, I'm heading down to D.C. to witness/participate in/celebrate the inauguration of President Elect Barak Obama. Yesterday, I watched the free concert on HBO. I honestly have to say I was moved. I mean, it was literally inspiring. And, although you can see an equally diverse collection of talent sharing the stage at an event like the Grammy's, it's signficantly more awesome, more powerful, in this context. Obviously, the backdrop of Lincoln Memorial doesn't hurt in the drama department. But, really, I just think this nation was desperate to be inspired, desperate for new leadership that understands, appreciates and, in this case, represents the new, diverse face of the United States. We have progressed; we have evolved into a multiethnic melting pot of lifestyle preferences, political ideologies and cultural identities. Somewhere, Martin Luther King, Jr. is grinning ear-to-ear, deeply proud to see his once romantic dream come to glorious fruition. I believe the wise words of Will Smith as Hancock serve an apt message from the U.S. to the world, "I can be better. I will be better."

On a different note, Calixto, Aneudy (our super, new office manager) and I have a bet about how many film submissions the festival will receive this year. Calixto is convinced the number of submissions will be lower than last year due to the economy. My position is filmmakers make their films come hell or high water; nothing stops filmmakers from pursuing their creative vision. Aneudy took the middle-ground position. I'm already starting to consider what to do with my $40... ;)

Enjoy, respect and value this and every MLK Day.


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