January 13, 2009

Ay, Que Bueno!

Oh, what a beautiful day! First off, Calixto met with the folks who run a new NYC theater and it's apparently GREAT. To clarify, it's an old theater (in prime location) that has new owners; they virtually gutted the place and, from what I've heard and seen in pix, did an awesome job. They seemed to have thought of everything: two houses (one large, one mid-size); brand new, top-of-the-line technology; built-in reception area; several private/VIP green rooms for talent; direct, street-side exits to ease traffic flow; two box offices, etc. AND, the price was totally reasonable! Can you believe it?? Que suerte! So, we have locked in our first two screens for the '09 NY Int'l Latino Film Festival. This is very exciting news. I'm telling you... it may not seem like a big deal to you, but locking in venues can be a total b**tch, especially in NYC in the summer. It's no easy task, so this is huge.

In other good news, I just had a new sponsor confirm its participation in this year's festival. Yay! They will be presenting the Audience Award, which is super groovy. I'd love to share the brand name, but, alas, I cannot... soon, I promise. I just want to hammer out some details before publicizing the partnership. Plus, there is an opportunity to work with this partner on mini-events throughout the year, which I LOVE. Suffice it to say, I'm psyched and really look forward to working with these guys.

THEN, we received a great email from a group that wants to include their Cannes short film on Cinedulce.com. Um...OKAY! AND, they have award-winning music videos for us. Si, si!!

Finally, I had lunch with Allison, my new sponsorship partner-in-crime. She really seems to get it. She's already on the move and talking to her contacts. As always, fingers crossed. Onward and upward...


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