June 9, 2009

1st Taste Tuesdays: 06.09.09

Omar Sheika Ep. 1: Prospect Or Journeyman?
Paterson, New Jersey's light heavyweight prospect Omar Sheika has had a year out of the ring after once being lauded as a potential champion. Now, with a fight signed with Roy Jones Jr., the potential for Sheika to try again for ring greatness is within his grasp.

Diva Speak TV: Season #2, Ep #16
Inauguration Special! SupaWoman of the Week: Taraji P. Henson Big Up: Slumdog Millionaire's Golden Globe Win Let Down: "Fight Club" at Riker's Island Feature: My Trip to Obama's Inauguration

Life Of A Struggling Actor Ep #24 1 of 2
Suncom commercial audition. I ran into an actor. Food stamps came through.


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