June 4, 2009

Phone, Agreement, Recap. Repeat.

Earlier this afternoon, I was sitting at my desk, working away. The phone rings. It's Katie at the reception desk. There's a delivery. I knew we were supposed to get one case of Vitamin Water because they're the NYILFF's new beverage partner! Yay!! Well, let me tell you, those folks at Glaceau (yes, I mean you, Melissa!!) are the bomb! They literally sent us approx. 7 cases of product, including Vitamin Water and Smart Water. I mean... what? How awesome are they? And, more importantly, how psyched am I they're our partner?? Love it!

Other than that, my day has been pretty darn hectic, alternating between calls, recaps, agreements and faxes. Time for yoga and then editing a press release. I'm off.


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