June 5, 2009

Great News b/f the W/E!

Two bits of good news before the weekend.

First off, this AM, Marisa (Buzz), our regional Heineken mktg rep. and I had a great walk-through @ El Morocco, this year's Dominican Night after-party venue. Yep, we're taking Dominican Night uptown to the Heights! So psyched. The film is amazing and this party is gonna be hot. Many thanks to Debbie for being so supportive!

On another note, I just received a call from a brand new NYILFF sponsor who commited not only to 2009, but also to 2010! YAY! We REALLY needed that shot of good news. Unfortunately, I'm not yet done with this process (if you can believe it), but this is wonderful news and an awesome brand association. It's just good all around.

At this point, I'm also knee-deep in execution and operatons, so the balance with sales outreach is getting tricky and fairly stressful. If the rest of the potential partners would follow this partner's lead, I would be a much relieved, happier festival director. :)


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