June 1, 2009

Sometimes, You Just Gotta Do What You Just Gotta Do

Today was one of those days when I literally sat at my desk all day and just wrote. I edited the NYILFF documentary section synopses, wrote a partnership agreement, wrote a proposal, wrote a meeting recap, wrote, wrote, wrote... phew! The crazy thing is I totally didn't get everything done on my to-do list. At a minimum, I still have 3 more agreements to write.

Digression: Calixto and I just had an interesting, though not altogether unique, conversation about how difficult it can be to balance art and commerce, particularly when it comes to sponsorship. One of the many challenges of working with sponsors is maintaining creative integrity and curatorial freedom while also being cognizant of and sensitive to any potential legal and/or branding ramifications those decisions may have for our partners. When a conflict arises, it can be a wee bit complicated, but, of course, there's almost always a solution. Both parties just have to think creatively, show flexibility and exercise a level of compromise. That aside, this is a conflict that has existed through the ages and likely will never change. Fundamentally, it's a power struggle between the architects and the financiers. The situation is no different than, for example, a producer pressuring a director to curtail a ballooning budget, or a board of directors applying pressure on top executives. The reality is, in business and in life, sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do... ;)


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