June 18, 2009

Help Me, Help You

Why is it that some of the NYILFF's partners make our approval process so challenging? I'm just trying to ensure they're happy with their logo and brand presentation. We are very careful not to print or broadcast or post any sponsor-related communication without approval, yet the process of getting those approvals is like pulling teeth. Why, I ask? Why? It happens every year, and every year I'm befuddled. Maybe they like to torture me. ;-)

That aside, our NYILFF :30 spot is just about locked. We're making a few minor tweaks and then we're done. So awesome! And, I just finished editing all of the brochure text except for one section, so we're almost done with that, too (pending, of course, sponsor approvals... ay dios!). Now, I'm off to finish the American Airlines info so all of you out-of-towners can get discount flights to NYC!

Rain, rain, go away...


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