June 3, 2009

New Bundle of Joy

No real news today, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because, you know, not all news is good news. I did, however, have a great meeting with a really cool mag./media company that wants to partner with both the NYILFF and Cinedulce. Good stuff. I also managed to send out almost all of my partner agreements, which is a giant relief. And, we had a great weekly Cinedulce meeting. They're always so productive and I love having everyone on the same page; it just gives me a sense of calm.

On the programming front, we have selected all of our short films for this year's NYILFF. Woo-hoo! We are super-psyched to present this year's selection of 40 shorts! I know I've said it before, but, I'm telling you, this year's line-up is bonkers.

On a personal note, I have a new nephew! SO EXCITING! Mom and baby are healthy, and all is well. I can't wait to meet the handsome little muffin this weekend!


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