June 26, 2009

Who Let the Toad in the Office?

Let the laryngitis portion of the program begin... I literally can never make it through late June/July, much less the actual NYILFF event, without losing at least part of my voice. If you've ever been to Opening Night or other NYILFF event where I make a speech, then you've definitely heard some sad apology for the croakiness. If you know me personally, you know I naturally have a fairly deep, raspy voice. But, I think I speak incorrectly (which is a bizarre concept, but whatever). Or, maybe it's that I breathe incorrectly as I speak. I have no idea, but I do know the effort to speak comes from my throat vs. my diaphragm and, as a result, the non-stop conference calls, meetings and general planning/talking lead to a near constant state of vocal cracking and hoarseness. So, yeah, the point is after spending approx. 60% of my day on the phone, my throat is almost spent. Awesome.

That said, we had a great conference call with our NYILFF press team, and we're all super-psyched about the A-list talent that's confirmed to attend. I also chatted with one of our sponsor partners, Cafe Bustelo, about this year's plans, which are shaping up really well. Then I... made edits to collateral, helped my coordinators with sponsor approvals, sent out the copy for our 103.5 KTU spot, finalized some agreements, sent out invoices, locked in an award presenter, etc. etc.

And now, I'm off to buy the new iPhone to replace my stolen Blackberry so I can continue the conversation at home...

Have a great weekend.


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