June 15, 2009

Who Stole My Bag??

Wow - estoy muy cansada. Por que, you ask? Because my purse was stolen last night (I know... right!), leading to a very long and exhausting evening and stressful AM. I had to cancel all of our credit and ATM/debit cards, suspend my Blackberry's wireless service, replace the cylinder in my deadbolt (they have my key and license!) and go down to the local precinct to file a police report and talk to a detective. And, I still have to call my insurance company to see if I can get anything back. Both my regular glasses and my sunglasses were in my bag. Dagnabit!

Fatigue aside, I'm busy at work (what else is new?). I just finished editing the NYILFF short film synopses (so many great films!!) and am about to review the synopses for the shorts in the Cinedulce showcase.

Truth told, I'm totally fixated on getting a response (please God, say yes!) from one potential sponsor. It's actually more stressful thinking about that situation than dealing with last night's thievery. Crazy, right??


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