February 22, 2010

Anyone Got Some Extra Cash? Anyone? Bueller?

As of this evening, I am 'that' much closer to securing 3 new, key festival hires. Slowly but surely, things are coming together with the org. restructure. It's so fulfilling to realize a vision. Love it!

Flip side: I'm still working on sponsorship... always, sponsorship. Will it ever get easier? Or end?! Honestly, if you've never been responsible for securing sponsorship as your primary revenue stream, give it a go and let me know how it works out for you. Thank goodness we already have HBO, Heineken, DIRECTV Mas and CineLatino on board (thank you sponsor-friends!), but we need more if we're going to run this festival the way it should be run. Presssssssure...

You realize, of course, on top of festival sponsorship, I will soon start fundraising for my feature film, "Lottery Man". Thomas and I are finalizing the investor package and then we need to hit the ground running, especially if we're going to shoot in late Summer/early Fall. I've actually already started building some potential leads. I feel like a machine. Well, actually, we'll see if I'm a machine after I do (or don't) close the necessary deals. To be continued...

Tomorrow, I'm calling the agent for the talent we hope to secure as the "Lottery Man" female lead. I might be the only person excited to call a talent agent.


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