February 5, 2010

Lottery Man: Setting Up

Okay, so here's the deal.
  • My producer's contract is signed. Whoopee!
  • I've sent in a revised version of the film's business plan and am waiting for feedback from Thomas, my co-producer, and Matt, the writer/director.
  • Matt is taking care of some minor script edits, which should be completed by Monday.
  • Next week, Thomas and I are hoping to meet with our production accountant, Rebecca, to review and tweak the budget.
  • Matt, Thomas and I put together a short list of potential men to play the lead, Patty. Thomas will start approaching their 'people', in priority order, to see if we can secure an LOI (letter of intent), which is super helpful in the fundraising process.
  • We have a couple of women in mind for the lead actress (Latina), but we'd first like to secure the male lead since he's the story's protagonist.
  • After all of the above is completed, we start looking for $$.
Oh boy...


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