February 4, 2010


Holy cow - exciting news! As of last night, I am officially signed on to produce my first full-length feature film. I'm SOOOO excited!

Without giving too much away, the film, titled Lottery Man, focuses on the themes of self-discovery, the unpredictability of love and, ultimately, redemption. It will be shot in NYC (woo hoo!), hopefully either in the Spring or late Summer. Obviously, I have the NYILFF at July's end, so we need to work around that.

Lottery Man's writer/director, Matt Smollon, is an old friend from my Shooting Gallery days - very talented guy with a great passion for storytelling (which, of course, I love). My co-producer is another old Shooting Gallery friend, Thomas Hanna - also a great guy and an attorney to boot. Convenient! I already feel a strong chemistry between the three of us (crucial), and feel so fortunate to have this opportunity. Hopefully, Lottery Man will serve as a springboard for my expanding journey as a kick-ass film producer.

So, anyway, I thought it'd be fun to let you in on the process so you can see what really goes down during the process of making a movie. Since this is my first feature, I also have a learning curve, so we can just do this together; you can be my virtual producing wing-man!

More deets to come...


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